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What is Hiprana?

Hiprana is a  fusion workout which combines yoga and belly dance. Grounded in vinyasa style, dance movements and isolations are incorporated throughout the flow.

Is Hiprana safe if I am pregnant?

Yes; I have a customized prenatal and postnatal program. Belly dance is one of the oldest ways to prep the body for delivery because it strengthens muscles used during childbirth. We practice circular and figure-8 type movements and many hip opening exercises to improve flexibility and dexterity. 

Will belly dance help get rid of belly fat?

Yes; belly dance works your abs as well as glutes and thighs -- it is a total body workout and most beneficial when combined with a healthy diet.

Is Hiprana cardio?

Generally, yoga is for flexibility and strength (but can move into a low impact cardio) and belly dance can be fluid and slow yet can also be fast and energetic. I will work with you to customize a style and speed right for your fitness level and goals.

I am too shy to belly dance, can I do this at home?

Of course; I offer in-home private sessions in NYC or via Skype.

I am not flexible, can I do Hiprana?

Yes; Hiprana is for every-body. Some people can stretch in certain ways and some can't. Yoga is a practice -- the more you practice, the better you'll get.